Monday, March 16, 2015

Terence McKenna - Ideology Is Poisonous

In this clip, Terence explains the poisonous nature of ideology. I would at least call it comfortable and lazy if I were not so inclined to take the extreme stance of "poisonous" like McKenna. He raps a bit about culture not being your friend, a famous claim that he made in numerous speeches, but I like his explanation this time about how culture becomes synonymous with faith. Though he doesn't use the word "faith," that is what he means. In many cases, religion takes the center stage, acting as the star character in the play called Culture. So, faith is an easy moniker to use. But in other cases, if we look more closely, we see that people have faith in a host of other cultural aspects, such as work, money, and country. In a sense, ideology means nothing more than faith in culture.

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