Tuesday, July 30, 2013

David Lynch Explains How Meditation Can Aid Creativity

The size of your consciousness determines the size of your understanding, awareness, and wakefulness. It could be golf ball size, or it could be much bigger. It all depends on how much work we put into ourselves. This affects creativity, thankfully, because small and contrived thought patterns such as sorrow, anger and depression tend to arise in most people out of the possession of a narrow awareness. They are a poison to the creative mind.

If we meditate, says Mr. Lynch, we can widen our scope of awareness and see the innate falsehood (by definition, the opposite of "truth") in those negative forms of consciousness. In turn, then, the innate truth of the universe is expressed through creativity and love, both acts that most people would agree can only be best expressed through an expanded consciousness.

There is an ocean of consciousness at the base of all of our minds. Through meditation we can dive into that ocean and be one with the Unified Field, the term science uses to explain where all things, including emotions like love and bliss, as well as more concrete things like matter, are born out of.

Enlightenment is the full potential of all human beings and besides being the truth and the common ground of all conscious beings, it also makes us happy (not a goofball happiness but a thick beauty without suffering) and our experiences more interesting. Win, win.

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