Sunday, April 27, 2014

Meditation Defined by Krishnamurti (And Prose on the Soulful Genius of Children)

I ride my unicycle as a form of meditation, feels the young girl. She feels it rather than says it because the genius of youth is its intuition. It need not be able to articulate wisdom in order to understand it. I sometimes play my handheld video game while I ride. My soul watches the road from inside my chest, inside my finite heart. She turns up the corners of her mouth in ecstasy. I know a secret right now, one that's only digestible in the present moment, like an untellable joke for the ages. Her meditation gets lambasted by adults as unproductive, solitary, weird, sometimes rascally. Child's play that will wear off its luster come maturity. I ride my unicycle as a form of meditation, she repeats from her heart, shooting her message into the hearts of others like laser beams. Join me if you're brave enough, courageous enough to live outside of time, outside of language, to be conscious forever in the singular peace of the moment.

She will one day develop amnesia about her youthful epiphanies, her former genius. She will don a cap and gown. Then a suit. She will judge others on their surfaces and forget that she has a deeper self. She will envelop herself in a mobile metal box that stands for her temporary opinion on all that's proper. But one day wisdom will all come rushing back. It will hit her in the heart. She will come to see meditation as a practice implemented with crossed legs and deep breaths, and she will forget that all she needs is a unicycle, an empty mind, and an open heart. Whatever gets me back here, she will say. And she will give fond looks to unicyclists everywhere, unsure as to why.

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  1. Nailed it. I just substitute that with skiing. I think the word fun is simply a synonym for the moments that "I" is taking a break. Nice piece.

    1. Beautiful sentiment. Did you just make that up? Genius.

    2. I think that's something I've long intuited, but I feel like I've heard some teacher or other say something similar. Either way, I stand by it.

  2. It is, technically, in the Fun - I - Fun - I - Fun - ... etc... rhythm of things..


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