Friday, January 9, 2015

Fear of Success and Death

Both big fears, those of success and death, are cut from the same rug. They are individual fears, yes, but where they really hurt us is when they manifest themselves in the species as a whole.

We can point our index fingers at politics, economics, or religion as the main culprits, but they are just masks for the masked man Fear. With a sand grain of compromise we could hold hands across the earth, take care of Her (along with our brothers and sisters under the sun).

Religion is fear. Sam Harris says that all we need to behave badly is such. The funny part is that some of us think that we aren't religious because we're not worshipping a 2,000+ year old Abrahamic theology, yet there are 100 year old theologies like Capitalism, Liberalism, Conservatism, and Classism, that reign just as ugly. There is also another religion, one as old as the age of man, called Denial. We fear and deny ourselves a near-utopic future because we cling to our impermanence with ugly claws relentless selfishness.

So back to success and death, I argue that our fears of these imaginary monsters are just cheap shades put up to deflect the rays of reality, impermanence, and doubt.

Be a hero and live a life without fear. Live outside of our constructed window shades that block out the truth and prevent us from taking the next step in our species' evolution. It is a collective effort that will take all of us.

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