Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Russell Brand Talks With A Quantum Physicist

Merging the virtually incomprehensible notion of unified field theory with meditation or spirituality is, to many of us, the beginning of a slippery ride down into loony land. Can Russell Brand help connect the mysteries of quantum theory with the mysteries of meditation? Of course, spirituality and science often mix quite well, as there is a wide body of research being compiled which studies contemplative neuroscience. And, also, there are numerous sociological studies that illustrate the benefits of having a still mind. Outside of unified field theory, much of this science can be explained quite clearly and believably in the amount time it takes to give a lecture.

Highlights from the Clip:

Unified field fulfilled Einstein's dream. The material nature of things is illusory to the senses. The act of meditation allow us experience simple and deeper levels of mind, slipping beyond thought (transcendental) and experiencing unity. We can pull the awareness within from the outward senses. The only way we can transcend the ills of society is to transcend our own minds. It is our only way. That meditative state is a fourth state of consciousness and the entire mind is engaged. Truth be told, TM comes from the wisdom of yoga and is designed to use the brain more fully. And stress melts away. If we are all one at our core but don't see it, bringing that unity to the surface will transform the world. It will be a changed world. We should build our societies around that unity.

Beautiful stuff, but for me at least, believing this requires a bit too much faith. When there is so much beauty and truth in this world that we can taste, touch, smell, hear, and see, how could all of us be convinced to take on such a behemoth, such a mountainous burden, the burden of faith? Perhaps this doctor is telling the truth, but until I can understand his explanation for the connection between meditation and quantum physics scientifically, I will continue to meditate with a much less complicated mind on top of my shoulders.

Is this all just poetry or is there measurable scientific truth to it?

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