Friday, June 30, 2017

Family Living Without Waste

The intentionality of this is what strikes me as being most impressive. Sure, living zero waste has a positive benefit for the earth and its inhabitants, but lifestyle gestures such as these won't reverse the environmental damage we are seeing unless they are practiced on a wide scale. That said, there are numerous personal benefits that this type of intentional living must produce for this family.

To expand, having a long-term goal that one is forced to encounter and meet incrementally on a daily basis is akin to being present, to engaging with the world head-on. This is what I mean by intentionality. It is very easy (and soul sucking) to follow the trends. Consume plastic. Funnel your attention (i.e. your present self) into smart phones, apps, and consumer products. Turn into a cog. Lose your sense of self.

I would love to talk to the mother and father in this video and pick their brains about the unintended benefits that this without waste project of theirs has reaped. Just as Thoreau, who went into the woods to live intentionally, to notice the world more deeply, formulated his thesis of civil disobedience while he was there, so too are there myriad bonuses falling into the laps of these family members.

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