Sunday, January 6, 2013

The Venus Project

by AJ Snook

To learn more about the Venus Project and its founder Jacque Fresco, visit or learn about the resource based economic philosophy by watching the films Zeitgeist Addendum or Zeitgeist Moving Forward

"The brochure here says that in Venus, Florida there's one of the only gay campgrounds in the whole state!" says Lauren with a hint of optimism in her voice.

"Yeah, I believe you," says Sarah.  "But it's probably just like all the others.  Tons of old hairy guys.  The classy lesbians never show up to these places!  Especially in this sweltering and conservative state."

"Hey, I may not agree with their opinions toward us being together but I do like my pal Smitty that I got back there in the trunk," Lauren says proudly.

"You and your guns," says Sarah as she shakes her head.  "When are you going to stop playing with those things?" she asks rhetorically.

Lauren's used to that kind of rhetoric and doesn't grant such an insult with an answer.  "Yeah, anyway," she says.  "Let's just give it a try.  If it looks weird we'll just get back in the car and find a Motel 6."

They drive on along the Floridian highway.  The familiar bushy green tropical trees line the road along with fruit and vegetable stands run by illegal immigrants.  Business for the Spanish speaking migrants doesn't look too good.

"Guess we know how they feel," comments Lauren referring to the roadside laborers.

"What do you mean?" asks Sarah.

"People don't respect them either.  Wouldn't be surprised if some people actually thought they were actual fuckin' aliens," clarifies Lauren.  "You know, like E.T."

Lauren gives Sarah a courtesy laugh as their Jeep turns the corner and, clear as day, they see the strangest looking building they have ever laid eyes on.  Futuristic curves, raised high off the ground, and tinted glass all around.  It looks like something out of the Jetsons or an eyeball plucked right out of the wrinkly little head of a grey alien.

"Talk about fucking aliens!" exclaims Sarah in shock.

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