Thursday, June 29, 2017

"Blasting out of the canal"

Blasting out of the canal
Set free from the prison
Baby, baby this ain't banal
When I engage there is fission

I wanna fight through this mist
of life that wants to weigh me
down onto the shore with a pounding fist
I get the sense it wants me to flee

Blah blah blah I speak through life
Thoughts pervade my mind like lice
Tickling my brain making me insane
Turn off to the side of the lane, ease the pain

Purple coat, looks like royalty
I appreciate when my wife spoils me
She knows not all my pain inside
But she senses some of the hurt that resides

Pick up a guitar in my fifties
Want to learn the rhythm of life
Through a sieve do I sift these
Pieces of ash, ancestors of strife

Like a sun I want to be
Wind blows right through me
Like light through a window
Energy, synergy, soul flow

And now I am at the time of dying
No more from life can I demand
Stop your worldly minds from prying
No way the decaying can understand

Into immortality do I ascend
But I don't know how to ammend
These atrocities that I did commit
So again, in another world, I will sit...

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