Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Open Source Ecology

This video called "Open Source Philosophy" from the people at Open Source Ecology was extremely inspiring. Also check out a clip from their TED talk below. If the advance in technology has the ability to shrink its devices, these guys make a good argument for it also being capable of shrinking our societies, in ushering the village back into the forefront.

He's a farmer who can engineer his own tools. He's a philosopher who has the time ponder and investigate, the days of go-go-go left far behind. In survival shape, he's active and healthy, the strength of his hands jetties into his forearms then shoulders then chest. He has all that he needs. The scope of his education is broad and advanced. His kids study and socialize with neighboring settlements, exposing them to diverse experiences and viewpoints. Art and other hands-on projects fill up the afternoon and early evening hours. Naps, though rarely needed, are encouraged when desired. Bright minds and bodies, smiles, and discussions prevail in this archaic revival, this return to what was once good, all thanks to modern open-source technology, not to mention the good intentions and warm hearts of others.

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