Sunday, December 16, 2012

Osho on Language

This is Osho's most watched clip on Youtube.  He comments on language in a very meaningful way, a way we often don't stop to think about.  For starters, the language that we use carries such a heavy weight on a day to day basis.  The way we use it is like a siren flashing our identity to the world around us.  For many of us, too, our proficiency in verbal communication dictates what point on the food chain spectrum we fall onto.  The adept negotiators can usually provide better for their families than the neurotic, self-questioning introvert.  Of course their are exceptions on both ends, but the competitive nature of this system based on scarcity in which we live in has a way of dictating the kind of language that we use.  From my perspective, the straight forward and logical speaker does better than the abstract thinker.

The closer we get to the cusp of the Singularity, I hope the more acceptable it will be to use our right brains.  After all, art is an expression of the divine.  We are tapping into (the lower case "g") god when we express ourselves creatively.  I think Osho understood this, hence his mocking nature at the reprimand of the use of the word "fuck".  Shouldn't such a powerful word be celebrated rather than condemned?  Shouldn't we instead get rid of the capital "G" God that every grade school teacher and grammar Nazi so censures?  I believe that we are all lower case "g" gods and that the capital "G" God is nothing but a myth of language, the kind Osho finds amusing.

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