Sunday, December 16, 2012

Willing to Die

"You can only die well if you can understand that your disappearance as this organism is simply seasonal.  You are just as much the dark space beyond death as you are the light that you call life."

This clip makes me think about the big bang or the birth of the universe and it makes me understand that even though the whole got vastly bigger since then, we are all still parts of that singular point that we came from long, long ago.  This connects to zen and Eastern religion in the way that it makes it easy to realize how utterly silly the ego is in the way that it tells us that death, and our will to struggle against it, is somehow in our control.  Beyond that and even sillier, the ego tells us that it matters for us to care. Watching this video and being reminded that flowing with change like a surfer on a wave, I feel like life actually has more purpose then the times I am inseparable from my ego.  Thank you Mr. Watts.

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