Thursday, October 2, 2014

Collisions at the Beginning of the Universe

I can't quite put my finger on what I want to say in this post apart from the fact that I have felt a surge of gratitude over the past few weeks, and I'm pleasured by visions of collissions at the beginning of the universe. It's a metaphor surely, because, you see, +Linda Dean was nice enough to film a wonderful review of my novel, Sumire: Into the Deep and Into the Unknown, and it feels great to hear that kind of feedback.

Although I have been through her hometown of Corvallis, Oregon, I have never met the woman (nor paid her to review my book). I now live in Japan, literally an ocean away, embedded, sometimes reluctantly, in a steely culture of collectivism and efficiency -- a far cry from the libertarian tributary that flows from the estuary known as Oregon State University. Yet, we connected.

The world contains a petri dish of ideas bouncing off of each other like planetary bodies at the dawn of time. In that sense, the internet is a violent collision of creativity that is spawning new life.

Watching her on YouTube, I realized that I had finally hit a benchmark. I'd picked up a carrot left graciously for me along the winding road of writing, for I'd moved someone. Hold the phone! Old AJ is slinging rocks of thought that are crashing into masochistic minds.

I digress and feel irksome at the way I toot (hah) my own horn. The point is about freedom, about expression, about living in the mystery, about opening that yellow slicker and flashing one's soul for the gaping jaws of the world.

Can you see it? Just wait. Seek and ye shall find. Thank you +Linda Dean and good luck with your endeavors

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