Tuesday, June 13, 2017

The Narrow Road to the Deep North

I thought that I would have left Japan by now, but I am still here. And the longer I stay here, the deeper I am entranced by its pristine landscape. The rolling low mountains of Western Japan, emerald in June, entice and call me to visit them, to traipse eagerly and thankfully along their paths.

I am also now fascinated by gardening. This once-upon-a-time jock is now entranced by hoes of a different sort, by permaculture, and by sustenance. The connection to the earth is real. Try it if you haven't already. I'm going to leave this video here in hopes of inspiring others.

One reason that I think I've allowed myself to go down this green path is because of the news fast that I have been on for the past three months. Not being connected to politics has allowed me to gravitate to other things, and without the political bias attached. Not that I am even friends with many republicans, but the stigma of being politically connected irked me when I was news addicted. Now, it doesn't. Connect by disconnecting.

Basho said it best in his famous work The Narrow Road to the Deep North. These last lines of the book will forever sit with me:

As cemented clam shells fall apart in autumn
So too must I take to the road again.
Farewell my friends.

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