Friday, December 14, 2012

Daniel Kraft - The Future of Medicine

Growing organs, 150th birthday, nanobot cancer assassins. The future is now.

Revisiting this post some time later, I now have a bit of skepticism about many futurists like these. I see TED talkers somewhat as good orators and slick salesmen. They're out to sell a book or acquire a job at a major tech firm. They're engaged in self-promo as much as they are out to save the world, and the pessimist in me believes that they would save their careers and reputations before the world herself if they had to choose between the two.

All that skepticism aside, I'm all for paving the way for another technological revolution in medicine if it will allow me and my loved one to share a few more healthy years together. The current model of life-extension at any cost (both literally and figuratively), even if that cost means 20 extra years of pain and suffering, should be a game that we try to end...soon.

Are these the designs that Daniel Kraft envisions?

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