Monday, January 14, 2013

Jitterbug Perfume by Tom Robbins

The scene is of an immortal couple, Alobar and Kudra, having learned their everlasting ways from a mysterious group of mystics in the Himalayas, recently departed from Alobar's dear friend, the god Pan, and walking west toward modern Europe.  Pan is losing his own fight for immortality because the people have stopped believing him (the very thing he needs in order to continue existing).  The Christian religion has turned the people's attention not just to Christ, a different god, but more importantly to individualism, the antithesis of the sacred union we once had with nature.  Pan's nymph, himself unable to plead for his own self-preservation, runs to catch-up with the dreamer travelers before they leave for good.  She thus tells them, "Alas, because they fight with reason only, making no advance in the area of soul and heart, true immortality wiltst be denied them."

Pan would wish anyone reading this to vow the same vow that Alobar and Kudra aspired to.  It goes as follows:

"[I] vow upon this day that shouldst [I] be living still when these events transpire, that [I] willst battle them and refuseth prosperity to any immortalist thrust that doth not rise from [my] soul and heart as well as [my] mind."

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