Monday, December 17, 2012

Duncan Trussell Has Testicular Cancer

It looks like my favorite podcaster/comedian probably has cancer.  Over the last year he has brought me a lot of entertainment, but more importantly wisdom.  I can't think of any stranger living and breathing today whom I feel I know better (due to all the conversations I've eavesdropped him having on his and Joe Rogan's podcast) or would be as sad about if suddenly gone.  I know it's a bit morbid to think about, but before the cancer news (link to his latest podcast where he talks about it) I found myself on the way to work, listening to the show and thinking, "Man, there is no other person out there that I've never met who I'd cry for had he suddenly died."  I felt a bit guilty for thinking that and thought how weird he'd think it if I had emailed or Tweeted him to tell him that.  But now I'd like to make sure I publicly say how meaningful his existence is.

The good news is that this kind of cancer is beatable.  If there's anyone both strong spirited and level headed enough to beat this thing, it's Duncan.  From the stories he tells and his constant talk about "putting work into yourself" spiritually through reading, discourse, meditation, chanting, comedy, and an acquired sense of humility and awe, he is living proof that this life isn't static and hopeless.  He shows us all through action and through his art that this life has meaning and purpose.

I listened to every podcast of his since I got my iPod last Christmas.  At that time I was in the middle of paying off my 40k student loan.  I decided to unshackle myself from that burden by practicing a lifestyle of hard work and extreme frugality.  I picked up extra work on Saturdays and even some evenings apart from my full-time job.  I took out my grocery, transportation, and entertainment money in cash at the beginning of each month and never once spend more than I said I would.  Usually I had something left over.  I began chipping away at that beast of burden, the whole time listening to Duncan and the people who inspire him.

So, to Duncan Trussell, the man with a tough battle ahead, good luck and thank you so far for all of the warm, funny, and meaningful shows you have shared.  I hope you get better and are able to produce a comedy special for us all sometime soon.  Finally, to spread one of his more famous messages to the blogosphere: Kill the vampire in your life.

You can support Duncan through his website either by sending him a direct donation or by buying something through his sponsors.  He also has a wonderful community on his forum. (His site is listed on the right side of my blog.)

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