Saturday, December 22, 2012

Electrical Brain Stimulation: "Everything in My Head Finally Shut Up"

Researchers have found that "transcranial direct current stimulation" can more than double the rate at which people learn a wide range of tasks, such as object recognition, math skills, and marksmanship.This is the kind of article made for this site.  It touches on cutting edge technology and spirituality (a.k.a. state of mind) equally.  It certainly is possible that we may be entering the era of instant zen.  If that's the case then we'll have to reconsider what to do with our spiritual time instead of meditating or expanding our consciousnesses pharmacologically.  I think the conversion rate to all things spiritual -- all things zen -- would be enormous if the time it took to get there suddenly became minimal.  There are other philosophical questions to discuss, first and foremost the value of work/effort, however hard work might one day seem antiquated in a world of abundance -- a world of free lunches.

I think it's important to remember what our pursuits in technology have taught us thus far, and how we can apply those lessons to brain science.  What we can wholly understand, we can also manipulate.  That surely holds true for the almighty brain.

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