Saturday, December 22, 2012

Adyashanti - What is Now?

I work with kids and sometimes they teach me wondrous things.  For example, I was walking through the halls at school today with one of my youngest students, and he asked, "How far away is the end of the universe?"  Then he pondered, "Why is there now?"

These were brilliant questions.  I wished I could have given him an answer.  I quickly realized that we were both the same.  Even though in this superficial world I am considered his superior, we are truthfully no different.  Just as ignorant.  Just as awe-struck by the nature of it all.

Then I run into this Adyashanti clip.  In all truthfulness, I strayed away from Adyashanti as a teacher for quite some time.  I saw his singular name and thought of Prince, his bald head and thought of a cult leader.  But when you sit back and listen to the guy, he doesn't want anything from you.  He's harmless, which makes his message more trustworthy.  What I think he's trying to say is to understand the connection that that wise kid was trying to make with me (and the universe), instead of trying to giving him a factual answer.  Maybe one day our technology, pushed forward by all of our hard work and creativity, will be able to answer the daunting question of exactly where the universe does end.  But until that day, I think the best way to approach that student's question is to empathize with him and realize that we are all part of the universe.  We are not separate from the divine, but rather, it lives within us and around us.  I should learn to share that realization with the child who understands it on a more precise level than I do.

"The only true inevitability is you can't avoid your true nature forever."  - Adyashanti

"It's when we realize our separateness [that we realize] we're not good or bad...we're one."  - Adyashanti

"You can never tell a mind how the divine moves, because a mind can't understand it...ever." - Adyashanti

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