Monday, March 16, 2015

Art Is Not A Luxury Item

It may seem so, what with our busy lives and rigid schedules, only finding time to create when our society deems us complete with our duties, those prostrates to the economy, to the families, and to the compadres, but art is not a luxury good, not a Rolex or a frozen yoghurt, instead finding itself reborn time and time again, like a karmic superhero, out of disaster and strife, a warrior for justice, and a pacifier of stress and of nerves, so embrace your inner Dada, for she spouts out of the infinite wellspring of light that sparks life, a Zippo that never runs out of propane, extracted from a reservoir whose glimmer can be detected throughout all of time and space, if only faintly at times, but we mortals notice its quiet peace under our skulls and we dive within ourselves; we have no choice, afterall.

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