Tuesday, May 12, 2020

Gollum's Voice In My Head

I'm on a mission to get my fitness back up after a period of too much laziness that followed my marathon effort in March (and subsequent Morton's neuroma flare-ups while trying to restart my training).

I found myself get into a pattern of negative choices as they related to high carb foods and, to some extent, alcohol intake.

Before I get too hard on myself, I would like to say that after months of hard training, to the point that we reach peak physical condition (I had 9% body fat as a 39 year old), we do deserve to treat ourselves a bit. Even Meb Keflezighi says that gaining weight after a hard training cycle is part of the gain (see: Meb for Mortals). However, those of us with addictive tendencies should tread those waters lightly. We can soon find ourselves in the deep end, up to our necks in family size dessert servings and entire six packs of beers.

There is definitely something like Gollum's voice in my head when I feel ravenous. If not a voice, then a strong compulsion that, when observed from a distance, looks like a different person, a mindless person, and I sometimes cannot believe what I am seeing. Thankfully, mindfulness training has enabled me to see this side of myself whereas others may be unable to.

The good news is, like the force can be wielded for both dark and light, so can our addictive nature. I'm happy to be back on the path of hard and smart training, including a sound diet (see: Racing Weight). And I'm also happy I tracked my weight last year, because I noticed that I'm still lighter than I was at this time back then. The future is bright. Train on my friends.

Side note: My go-to whole food snack is a boiled egg, a boiled sweet potato, and a small piece of dark chocolate.

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