Wednesday, January 16, 2013

10 Mindful Minutes

The man puts his life in the drawer for ten minutes a day.  He knows that these short ten minutes are changing his life in huge ways, altering his life's trajectory in amazing ways.  What would supplant itself if he hadn't ever undertaken this pastime of nothingness?  Bad habits?  Mindless pursuit of opiates, alcohol, and sex?  Frustration and anxiety manifesting itself in the form of anger, aggression, and negativity.  Not for him.  Because he has invested in ten minutes.  He has found the value in voiding the mind and "stepping back to get a different perspective...[he] can change the way [he] experiences life...[and find] focus, calm and clarity."  He doesn't know it yet, but this has not only changed him, but it has also changed everyone around him.


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