Sunday, December 16, 2012

Sason Silva on Drugs and Turning into Gods

"Every technology allows a form of human expression that didn't exist before."

It does seem to me that we're, in fact, turning into gods.  The fact that we can manipulate, create, and extend life at will is a sign of amazing things to come.  It's utterly ironic, though, that we're still mired in so much war and disagreement.  Imagine the progress we could realize if we could all get focused on similar goals that revolve around themes of science, creativity, exploration (both spiritually and physically), and health.  Our concern for education should be in these areas and not in teaching kids clerical skills so that they can manage an office desk for 30 years.  That thinking is antiquated and a waste of a precious mind.  Think about how many musical geniuses have never come to fruition over the years -- how many teachers, poets, and fitness gurus.  And it's all because the people who were in charge of them (their stakeholders) had different plans for them.

At that time there was very limited connectivity.  For that artist to emerge she first had to hit the life lottery, meaning she had to either stumble on that needle needle in a haystack.  It could have a been a Sagan book left open on a library table at school.  Or that old lady at church who used to recite lines from Leaves of Grass to the kids as she served them milk and cookies.  The opportunities to be inspired didn't fall in your lap as often as they do today thanks to the Internet and its brethren like Jason Silva.

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