Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Under the Moon

Winter's full moon isn't appreciated as much as its spring, summer, or fall versions. Folks tend to not want to stand still and gaze at it while the wind is whipping and their noses go numb and drippy. Us runners, however, get moving in little more than a windbreaker and the elements are ineffective in administering their usual pain. Last night during a short recovery run, I had my eye on the moon and a sense of wonder in my heart.

The stars shone brilliantly as well. The lunar and stellar effects reduced me to nothing but a miniscule entity on a sturdy, yet comparatively small rock in space. Upon saying this one might misconstrue my words as negative. Rather, this feeling of being miniaturized and trivialized empowers a person. He knows that he is not alone, that he is a necessary part of the whole. Yes, necessary. Without him, the universe wouldn't be the same. Only when he feels large and puffed up -- grandiose in body and soul -- does he feel lonely, does he suffer under the burdens of fictitious expectations and cooked-up social pressures.

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Out on the roads and in the rice fields where I bound, I felt free from those things. During my post-run strides (runner-speak for short sprints), I imagined the moon tugging me along with its gravitational power. I relaxed my body and trusted that all was right in the world.

Side note: Below are two songs about the moon that I love.

The Moon by The White Buffalo

I Wish I Was The Moon by Neko Case

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