Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Now that It's Legal, Colorado Lawmakers Meet

I think hard and often about this one.  Although this New York Times article has very little substance, it's hard to ignore.  There are lawmakers in Colorado who are paving the road for the rest of the country.  The way they decide to move forward will directly affect not only the other states that are inevitably going to follow them after they see the economy surge and crime decrease, but also the consciousness of the country.

I know that sounds a bit dramatic.  It's easy to label weed as a loyal companion of Funyuns and drool stains on the couch cushions, but people who use the tool called weed correctly know that it can have profound effects on the consciousness and on the soul.  It paints the world with a different brush.  It doesn't dull, but enhances.  It provides a unique and powerful viewpoint -- one of creativity and of empathy.

I hope those Wild West lawmakers make the right decisions and pave the road for the rest of us with gold.

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