Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Duncan Trussell & Joe Rogan - The Tree Of Man

I liked Duncan's recent metaphor of us all being the part of the same connected tree, each of us a branch, but the tree has schizophrenia and needs the right medicine to wake up and realize that we're all connected. I know he was probably just spitballing (as he does so well) but I'd prefer to change "branch" for "root". We're all part of the root system and vital to the health of the tree. The ego not only tells us that we're only a root and we don't need the whole in order to live full and healthy lives as an old, wise tree, but the ego also is constantly looking in the past and future (I mean constantly) and the truth only exists in the moment, which is the only place to look to find it. Be the tree. Be in the present. Be. One at a time, as we wake up, the tree's blossoms will bloom bigger and its sap and fruit will be sweeter and juicier. Like the Coastal Redwoods, the tree will live forever.

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Tree of Man / Rasel Ahmed

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