Sunday, May 25, 2014

Kyoto, Japan Higashiyama Hike from Gion to Fushimi Inari Shrine (A Photo Journal)

Google apparently hasn't gotten their people up through the Higashiyama range yet, but this is an approximation of the route. It took me 3 hours with a few scenery stops and one or two wrong turns when the route meandered through neighborhoods. A great Japan hiking guide can be found here, though there are plenty of nice Kansai hikes that I can tell you about that aren't in there. Get in touch if you want some suggestions.

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Starting Point in Gion

Up the hill and out of the nieghborhood

Quickly a nice view presents itself

A little higher

A little over the other side toward Shiga

Taking off. Good timing on my part. I was thankful for the artificial breeze.

Another look to the north

An inscription that I should really get around to translating

A mountain peak, eleveation 2000m

I imagine the marathon monks strolling through here at night, after the hikers have all gone to bed

A look west toward Kyoto city. This road cuts straight through the valley to downtown.

That green fluffy goodness that engorges the heart

Mountain road with few cars in sight

Ah, back in the forest. Haven't seen trees this tall in quite some time.

There's their tops

A green draping awning welcoming me back to civilization

But not too civilized.

There may be houses, but they're not at sea level.

Winding under roads. Bridges swallowed by emerald.

A town of no more than 10 houses.

Up the stairs I go

And down the dirt road.

A new forest says hello.

And the trees smile as I pass.

The Inari gates say that the end is near.

Save the best view for last. Kyoto, you've come a long way, baby.

I smell tourists just over there. But I'm happy to be home.

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