Monday, March 16, 2015

Bernardo Kastrup - Mind At Large

This portion of the podcast blew me away. His tone and demeanor do little to inspire, but the content and word choice of Mr. Kastrup are pristine. We are consciousness whirlpools, distortions of true reality, made up of it, in fact, every fiber of our being. This theory provides a clear answer, a resounding yes, to the question: Are plants, rocks, dust -- hell, even molecules -- conscious? It makes a strong claim that reality and consciousness are one in the same.
"We pay the price of life and death in order to self-reflect and think about our own mentation. Only in this mortal state are we able to ask the key questions of existence."
The sense of "I-ness" of me and you, of your child-self, and of Mind-at-large, are all made up of the same stuff, the same "such-ness" (to borrow a Buddhist term). To expand our concept of perception and of time, is to glimpse -- to just take a peek -- into mind at large, or at least the concept of it. If we are all Mind-at-large, if we are all God, an infinite ice sculpture that has cracked itself intentionally into equally infinite snowflakes, then we did so on purpose, and we set up strong barriers for ourselves so as not to be able to look back up at all our beauty and glory (the view is too glaring and plant medicines and stillness of mind are merely shades), to give ourselves a perspective unattainable from the pedestal of divinity.

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