Friday, April 4, 2014

Anna Kamienska: "A Prayer That Will Be Answered"

I found this is Upside Down Zen and determined it to be grounding, even freeing, in its message.

Anna Kamienska, an obscure Polish poet about whom little is known, wrote "A Prayer That Will be Answered." It begins, "Lord let me suffer much / and then die." That is possibly the one prayer that will always be answered. She continues: "Let me walk through silence / and leave nothing behind not even fear"; and she ends by asking, "And let my poem stand clear as a windowpane / bumped by a bumblebee's head."

In every condition of the world's unfolding, we have only this moment now to be who we truly are. And part of who we truly are, very recognizably, is that insistent bumblebee -- bumping [our heads] against this strange glass we call the mind.

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