Friday, December 21, 2012

Jason Silva - We Are the Gods Now

In the same vein as Buckminster Fuller, Jason Silva is probably best described as a futurist philosopher. Unlike Mr. Fuller he's not a scientist at all, but he has an unbelievable ability for recall and an inspiring way to see the positive connections between ideas, trends, and discoveries.  Not to mention he's also cool, young and charismatic.

If you found your way to this site, you are probably already familiar with his short-form videos of philosophical espresso.  The whole package of visuals, sounds and words really does a number on the imagination.  It makes me chuckle at everyone at work going through their day as if things are always going to be like this -- worker drones shuffling along an overdue system.  It's time to return this way of life before we accrue a late-fee.  Jason Silva reminds me of this and inspires me to try to be even just one little grain of sand on the beach of the paradise future.

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