Friday, February 15, 2013

Imagine Yourself As a Coin

Micha is a German artist who specializes in writing, drawing and sculpting. She has lived in four different countries (and in every corner of her own). Her English is flawless, as are her ideas. To concact Micha visit her on Google+ or via her website. If you would also like to collaborate, please contact me.

by Micha Fire

You are made out of a substance and you have two sides that can't be separated.

Take the substance you are made of as your body: At first you are perfect and shining but over time as you are being used you get scratches and dull. They can be removed again, but it takes effort to do so. The best thing you can do is to take good care of your body to keep your "shine" and don't "rub" too much against other coins as not to get too many scratches. But this doesn't mean to put yourself away from other coins completely (like in a collector's box) because of what "use" will you be if you are not being used for what you have been made?

As for the two sides:

One most important thing to keep in mind about them is that they are non-separable.
They can symbolize many things: the "face" you show to the world and the "value" you see for your self; your "outer" being - the things people see you do and say and your "inner" being - your emotions and thoughts you don't show outside; the "positive" characteristics you have and the "negative" side you have.

But writing about your value:
That is something as a coin you can't really see for yourself - you need other coins to compare to but it is only a very subjective value that you get from that. The "user" of you as a coin will know the value you have to him - in the way he can best use you.
There are many coins all over the world and all are different - from the "face" they have (i.e. race, gender nationality), the value they show (what they have learned from life and how they handle it: in their job or in their family or wherever they are in a group of other people), the substance they are made of (they way they take care of their body or are affected by sickness or accidents) and the amount they are being used (in the live they lead wherever they find themselves - of own choice or by outer circumstances).

In my opinion the real worthy coins are not the ones that are kept in a collector's box for their shine and perfection (although they do have their value and many "coins" strive to be like them), but the ones that are being constantly used for what they have been made for.

But actually all coins are equal as coins. It is the way they are being used that might make them more worth in a moment (and only then) than at another time.

In the total sum it doesn't really matter what "face" or "value" you have or of what "substance" you are made: adding all coins up make the "worth" they have together. Of course it matters for the "value" of the sum how much each single coin is "worth" - so if you can influence you should always strive to raise your "worth" as to raise the "worth" of all as a total sum.

This is only symbolic and leaves out many smaller aspects, but try to really think about yourself as a coin and you will see that there is truth behind it!

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