Thursday, December 13, 2012

Crack for Future Junkies

This kind of article, the kind of article that outlines the outrageous change that we are going to see over the course of the century, is enough to make the daily grind bearable, enough to allow you to put a smile on your face, lift your chin up and know that things won't always be as drab as they sometimes are in your office.  The endless routines and faces and fake interactions might not have to be as we approach the coming decades.  Just as The AJ Snook Blog tries to instill a connection between the Heart and the Hard Drive, articles like these inch us ever so slightly closer to that connection.  I can just picture the outstretched fingertips of one on the verge of interlocking with the other, merging to create a bold new future.  To me, that is what the Singularity entails.

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