Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Jack Kornfield - Unsustainable Pleasure

I loved this portion of a recent Jack Kornfield podcast. I think we can all relate to his message, no matter our day-to-day experience. He talks about this feeling of chasing happiness that I think confuses us easily. It's a tricky emotion, and without mindfulness, we could go our entire lives believing that it's a healthy emotion to feed. And don't get me wrong, it's easy to allow boredom to take over when we stop chasing happiness. But don't be fooled. Boredom doesn't choose us. Rather, we choose it. We choose it because we're skittish to cultivate rich connections with others, we're afraid of putting effort into our lives, and we shy away from new experiences (especially when they involve tuning out the mind, and tuning in the true self). I'm talking about creative endeavors and athletic pursuits, mostly, those hobbies that slow down time and quiet the mind, forms of meditation that practice which don't always seem like meditation to outside observers.

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