Friday, October 11, 2013

The Futurist's Life Is a Positive Vision of the Apocalypse

It all comes back to the middle road.

A lot of us interneters spend too much time jumping from one lily pad to the next. The only problem is that the lily pads are only ever one of two things: utopia or apocalypse. We let our minds fly from fanciful to morbid destinations, while the truth lays lonely on the road like roadkill, ever-present and mundane, not worth our time.

What we seldom do is dive off of the lilies and into the liquid reality, that fluid stuff that's always changing us, towing us with its current. After a time, the temperature of the magic feels tepid. We get accustomed to its magic and, therefore, lose it. Once we pledge allegiance to a given model of reality, it dissolves all hope of moving forward, of diving in. At the same time, moving forward recklessly with tunnel vision and lack of perspective can be just as dangerous. It's why zen is so useful. It reminds us that every moment -- not every day or every hour, every moment -- is a balancing act, a stabilizing engagement with the truth.

It all comes back to the middle road.

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