Friday, July 19, 2013

Undoctored Imagination

This article was inspired by this video by Jason Silva about creativity and imagination and inspiration. Pretty much all of his videos are about that but you get my drift. 

Psychedelics as a player in instilling awe in others?

We need to pull ourselves out of context in order to gawk in amazement at the wonders of the world” - Tom Robbins.

He was talking about pyschedelics. They decondition our thinking. [They pull us out of ruts.] Take a trip. See the world differently. Jump into a new culture [see Pico Iyer's TED Talk “Where is Home”] They needed to be treated with respect. [The Muse, Daemon and Genius needs to be treated as a partner and not a tool. We shouldn't use her but we should merge with Her, have sex with Her, allow ourselves to be enveloped by Her.] Weed increases synaptic priming. And Google literalizes the concept that we are all one. In another video he also says that the goal of imagination is to pull the present to meet that imagination. [I don't always agree with this. Everything shouldn't be about engineering physical representations of our imagination. I think that imagination has intrinsic value, that images in the mind are rich and valuable just as they are, they are part of the universe in its entirety. We don't have to debase them by trying to replicate them, by trying to dub them in the physical world. We all remember what happened when we tried to tub a cassette tape: its quality got weaker. I believe that this weakening effect is intensified when it comes to imagination. Not to mention the possibility for corruption and loss of purity. To be implemented physically, most ideas have to be put through the bureaucratic and capitalistic ringer that is society and business. Maybe, just maybe, some of our ideas can stay pure in their original form, as masterpieces undoctored and unedited and untinkered with.]

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