Thursday, December 20, 2012

Guided Meditation with Mooji

This is a popular guided meditation from Mooji.  His voice is extremely soothing and his words poignant.  I find, if anything, the increased awareness taken away from meditation helps me be more present in each moment of each day -- to focus on the here and now.

For those of us also focused on the continual and exponential rise of technology, sometimes it's hard to concentrate on making the most of the present time.  If we all were to daydream about the bounties that the future will bring, we would never put in the thought, time or effort to get there.  If reading Eastern philosophy has taught me anything it's that all we have (and will ever have) is the present moment.  A better future is what we will create by repeatedly collecting better present moments over and over and over again.

Tracy Atkins talked about this at the end of his recent Singularity 1-on-1 podcast.  He said, "Don't wait for the Singularity.  Change the world for a better today."  I believe gaining some insight through meditation and philosophy is a much needed compliment to the progress we see (and want to see) happening in the technological and creative sectors.

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