Wednesday, August 13, 2014

A Beginner's Perspective of Bitcoin

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Something is great about this experience. Alternative currency, as it's known, has way too much potential to be disregarded as a fad or a geek's hobby.

1) There are no/few fees. Transactions are mostly free. Remittances are too. If you find that they aren't, then you certainly can find a different vendor to provide free services. Just like anything, it takes a bit of Googling.

2) It's almost entirely anonymous. Aside from loan seekers who wish to improve their status by revealing their name, income, or a reference from a friend, transactions are based off of numbered accounts that, for as much as I know, are untraceable.

3) It's free to get started. There are numerous "Bitcoin faucets" (Google it) that disperse small amounts of the currency to those who are patient enough to click on links day and night.

4) You can grow your money. There seem to be two ways besides faucets: 1) Bitcoin mining 2) Investing in Bitcoin loans

5) You can tip Bitcoins on social networks such as Twitter, Youtube, Reddit, Google+ and Facebook

6) You can convert your Bitcoins into governmental currency if you so choose

That said, you are also welcome to ask for Bitcoin loans, too. Of course, the system is already so refined that risk consumer ratings are calculated to weed out bad borrowers.

It's a brave new world in terms of finance. Below you'll find a variety of links related to various ways of getting involved in the Bitcoin world listed above.

- An online Bitcoin wallet that's easy to setup:

- Two faucets that pay as they say: &

- A place to invest your Bitcoins in personal loans and earn interest:

- A service to tip Bitcoins on all major social networks:

What I take from this is that there is a light at the end of the tunnel, the dark and mucky tunnel that is corporate society. There just might be a way to survive in this world by creating original content and sharing it with the world in a real and honest way. I can't recommend getting into Bitcoin more. There is freedom hidden in those algorithms. There is an escape. Good luck friends.

Edit: If you're so inclined to donate a few satoshi, my Bitcoin address is: 13aqRwR2ZHMxbXjvPwd7ma7VQj4HGDDRhY

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