Saturday, November 16, 2013

Ep 21 - Neil Gaman on Creativity

This episode was done in a drunken blaze of glory. I hope you enjoy. I re-listened to parts while piecing together the sections and I've decided that I like the forcefulness in my voice when I'm drunk. Other people must hate it, but I like it damnit. Hope you enjoy the episode and grow a bit as a writer and/or a creative thinker. That's what this world needs: people to put their ideas out into the ether and stir it up if ever so slightly. Think of it as democracy in the form of creativity. If enough people follow this path, the ether will soon become unrecognizable. Good luck.

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1 comment:

  1. Dude, sincerely, you have lots of interesting, good stuff to say, but you have to find a way to gently, preventively prune those "uhm"s from the audio stream!

    Either get more drunk, less drunk, more high, less high.. Or experiment feeding your speaking voice back to your ears, with a variable amount of milliseconds delay. (A little brain-hack from the field of psychology, quite suitable for gaining insight into one's voice.)

    I feel this complaint is a detail, probably a minor one from your perspective, but one that prevents this star to shine in a major way! When an observer is very close, the object begins to look blurry. You, I and everyone alive and talking, is inherently very close to his or her own voice.

    It just sounds as if you're really, very tired. Which conversely is really, very tiring to undergo! It prevents the listener from reaching an optimal mind-state, which is really a thing one wants to do when there's this quality of content involved!

    Or it might just be "me"..


    All the best.


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