Saturday, June 14, 2014

Giving Birth Is A Psychedelic, Boundary-Dissolving Experience

Women, apart from the myriad ways you are discriminated against -- in the workplace, at home, in politics, in the media, in schools, in religious institutions, and on and on -- you do have one thing good going on in this war-on-drugs day and age, this 21st Century of repression where plants are illegal by the dozens.
"Several times in your life you're going to be melted down into this situation. And it's a very deep imprinting."
As long as everything is healthy with the old plumbing, you ladies have a psychedelic birthright, which is, uh, giving birth! According to old Terence (and from what I have been lucky enough to have witnessed once, and hope to once more) the childbearing experience is a boundary-dissolving as experiences come. I saw my wife enter the hospital a vastly different person than the woman who walked out five days later (no, it didn't take that long to give birth -- this is Japan where mothers aren't shoved back through the revolving door from which they came).
All Seeing Eye/Creative Commons
"In the absence of psychedelic plants or drugs, a male can go from birth to the grave and never have this experience."
So, in this seemingly male-dominated sub-genre of life that is psychedelic culture (authors, speakers, musicians, and figureheads of all varieties tend to be men), let the male psychonauts out there remember that they are outnumbered by all of the mothers of the world, and let the men influencing this culture also remember that the mothers and sisters of the world deserve a little more time voicing their interpretation and understanding of the state of being of Gaia and the signals she sends us. Be our interpreters, dear women of earth. Lead the way. Connect us all back to our one true mother.

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